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NIRMH Tri-State Joint Symposium June 20-21, 2024 

  • Registration is Required. You must be registered to attend the Tri-Symposium. In-person and by virtual option is available. In-person seating is limited, and on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Disclaimer. This Symposium is intended for educational purposes only and does not establish a client-attorney relationship. None of the educational offerings are intended to be used for legal advice or for solicitation of attorney legal services. If you experience a legal issue, please contact an attorney in your jurisdiction.  

  • Time Zones. Times for all sessions and presentations listed in this Symposium are in U.S. Eastern Time (ET).

  • Nursing CE and CLE. The CE credit will be available on both days June 20 and June 21, starting the first day of the Symposium. You must be registered to attend Symposium sessions to apply for the CE credits. TAANA is approved by CBRN to provide Nursing CEs for Nurses in the USA. TAANA will transmit your Nursing CE directly to the CBRN after completing the Symposium survey. We have designated this live (in-person and by virtual option) activity for Nursing CEs and CLEs for a maximum of 10.50 Credits, including the Ethic hour(s). Nurses and Attorneys should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity. Additional information about CEs credits offered will be provided during registration and at the meeting.

  • Help Desk. If you have questions about your CE itinerary for sessions, please visit the onsite Help desk located at Registration Area or email Post-symposium, if you are having problems with submitting your Nursing CEs or CLEs request email TAANA at

Symposium Objectives


Statement of Educational Need, Target Audience, and Learning Objectives

It is well documented that SDoH-focused health and human services, DEI and Accessibility efforts continue to be a challenge on many fronts, including for payors, providers-, workforce-, members-, and community-focused efforts and impact.  Our NIRMH leadership, nationally recognized experts and scientists have reported paradigm shifts that are emerging for SDOH-focused health and human services post-pandemic and in the age of AI. These shifts will be shared during the Symposium.

Speakers will also share information on how companies can adapt to these paradigm shifts, put in place cybersecurity safety nets for added outreach and impact, and evidence-based strategies to help rewrite the organization’s existing strategic plans if it does not reflect metrics or methodology for post-pandemic condition. Due to advances made in modern medicine and in technology we now (post-pandemic) have additional tools to help close gaps (modifiable factors) that were non-existent pre-pandemic. This is good news!  To continue to move the needle in the right direction, everyone must continue to do their part, including learning about paradigm shifts and adapting accordingly. This will help ensure that your organization’s SDoH-focused health & human services, DEI-, and Accessibility-focused models and strategies remain relevant post-pandemic.

Planned Goals and Objective for the Education:

Symposium attendees (payors, providers, workforce, members, faculty, staff, students and community-leaders) should be able to (a) summarize the emerging paradigm shifts related to SDoH-focused health and human services, DEI, Real Life Medical AI Use, and Accessibility post-pandemic efforts and in the age of AI, (b) discuss its application in their organization (e.g., in industry, academia, CBOs, FBOs, and government), and (c) use the information to help inform policy, existing strategic plan, methods for outreach and impact, cybersecurity safety nets, resources and partnerships, and set priorities. As part of the symposium’s learning objectives, all attendees should be to describe and discuss:


  1. The NIRMH mission and services to help organizations improve their SDoH-focused health & human services, DEI, and Accessibility efforts post-pandemic

  2. Emerging Paradigm Shifts for SDoH-focused health & human services, DEI and Accessibility, and Workforce Capacity

  3. The need to rewrite existing strategic plans post-pandemic

  4. DEI and government & industry

  5. DEI and health & human services

  6. DEI and Law & Ethics

  7. Cybersecurity safety nets, and REM hospitals, and Nurses who are EMR Super Users 

  8. Critical Steps needed for the roadmap to Building a Healthier America Post-Pandemic

  9. Optimal methods of delivering services and effective strategies for community-based Partnerships, Resources & Services

  10. Education, Workforce and Training Panel: Access to Education, Recruitment, Retention, Advancement Opportunities,

  11. Law, Ethics, Legal Advocacy, Support & Patient Representation post-pandemic

  12. Medicaid Managed Care Services, Language and the Law, and Specialty Societies guidelines

  13. Medical and AI – and real-world Medical AI Use Cases

  14. Resources and connection with a focus on REM and rural communities

  15. NIRMH Think Tank projects with Strategic Partnerships and its potential for advancing SDoH-focused health and human services, DEI and Accessibility outreach and impact post-pandemic


Disclosure Statement

It is the policy of the NIRMH that the information presented at NIRMH DEI and Accessibility Symposium CME activities will be unbiased and based on scientific evidence. To help participants make judgments about the presence of bias, NIRMH will provide information that the Program Committee members and speakers have disclosed all financial relationships they have with ineligible companies whose primary business is producing, marketing, selling, reselling, or distributing health care products or services used by or on patients. All the relevant financial relationships for these individuals have been mitigated.

Americans With Disabilities Act

It is the policy of NIRMH-TAANA not to discriminate against any person on the basis of disabilities. If you feel you need services or auxiliary aids mentioned in this act in order to fully participate in this continuing education activity, please add a note on your registration form.

Acknowledgment of Financial or Other Support

This activity is supported by sponsorships and will be disclosed in the program book and at the meeting.

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