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National Institute & Rural and Minority Health.

National Institute of Rural and Minority Health is dedicated to providing high-quality of services. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to provide the highest quality of services.

Board of Directors

Dr. Eugene Lengerich PIC.jpg
Dr. Eugene Lengerich

Joined Penn State in 1998.


Dr. Oralia Garcia Dominic
Oralia Garcia 2.jpeg

Is the President and Founder of the National Institute of Rural & Minority Health (NIRMH).


Linwood Smith 275269698_10228335435349176_8427155640280277823_n.jpg
Dr. Kim Cleveland

President 2024 The American Association of Nurse Attorneys, Board Chair Emeritus, The Nurses on Boards Coalition Associate Professor & Course Coordinator Health. Read more

Ginny Morgan

Community Leader, and content expertise in Agriculture/farming, HR, and Marketing,   

Rev. Dr. Linwood Smith, Jr.

Community Health and Wellness Organizer, African Methodist Episcopal Church. Read more

Symposium Planning Committee Members

Margarete Zalon1516870373265.jpg
Dr. Margarete Zalon
Cheryl Lynn Allen_v.jpg
Cheryl Lynn Allen

Past President of Nurses Foundation of Pennsylvania, Professor Emerita Nursing; Faculty, Online Health Informatics Program, Scranton University

Daniel Conlon 1635939612876.jpg

Retired Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge

Monica Ruiz   1664756572517.jpg
Monica Ruiz
Daniel Conlon

Counselor at Law of Tucker Law I Arensberg

Executive Director Casa San Jose

Guillermo Velazquez 1516433153258.jpg
Janet Donovan 1548982945400.jpg
Guillermo Velazquez
Dr. Janet Donovan

Executive Director

Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation

Rear Admiral, CEO In the Heart of Pennsylvania Girl Scouts

Dr. Candice Pulkowski_ 1692623406879.jpg
Dr. Candice Pulkowski

Scientist in Neuro-Marketing and Artificial Intelligence, and Founder Benevine

Nicole McCartan 1550160400191.jpg
Nicole McCartan, PhD(c)

Project Manager | Marketing | Trainer | Connector | Social Media Guru | Developer | Event Planner | Brand Activator | Professor

Linwood Smith 275269698_10228335435349176_8427155640280277823_n.jpg
Rev. Dr. Linwood Smith, Jr.

Community Health and Wellness Organizer, African Methodist Episcopal Church

Deep Gupta

Founder and Past President of Asian Indian Americans of Central Pennsylvania (AIACPA)

Deb Cardenas Picture70.jpg
Dr. Deborah Cardenas

Pennsylvania State Nurses Association President

Robert Toporek_ Decorated Vet 516217823728.jpg
Robert Toporek

Decorated Vietnam Veteran

OIP_Dr. Shirley Warshaw_Gettysburg College.jpg
Dr. Shirley Warshaw

Professor of Political Science, Emeriti, Gettysburg College

Ivan Usero 1699988266825.jpg
Ivan Usero

President, Pittsburgh Metro Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (PMAHCC), Senior Advisor, Property & Casualty Insurance / Corporate Benefits (NFP)

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